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Primarily a studio project started by me, Jimmy Keegan in  England in 2005, I had a bunch of songs, very little equipment and a really average voice, but sometimes where you're at is where you're at so I ploughed on regardless. I self released, "Kill H.E.N.R.Y.K!" in 2007, possibly 2006, I've slept since then, with me playing all the instruments, programming the drums and screaming myself hoarse, trying to sing in tune. I was proud of the songs, pleased with the guitar playing but what I really needed was a vocalist. It drew on influences such as Genesis, Thin Lizzy, Springsteen and was what would comfortably sit in the, "A.O.R" genre.

Help was on the way through a friend, the great U.K guitarist/pianist/composer/arranger, Kurt Crompton who introduced me to a then seventeen year old singer named Antony Ellis. Antony is a true powerhouse vocalist in every sense of the word and he had power, an enormous range, dynamics and no auto tune for this lad! Antony went on to bigger and better things in several U.K bands and is a vocalist and front man to be reckoned with. I also enlisted U.K Multi instrumentalist, Suzanne Burnell to play sax on, "The Day the Twins Came Down" I wanted it to have a real E Street Band feel so it needed sax.

In 2008, the Sheriff and I decamped to Adelaide, South Australia and after about 4 days I turned up at a Jam session at an Irish pub with a borrowed acoustic and introduced myself to the organiser, Eugene, "Yooj" Russo, my first friend and co-conspirator in Australia to this day. 

After a life threatening injury in April 2009 I had a lot of time and prescription painkillers on my hands and wrote and recorded our second album, "This Septic Isle," in about three weeks. The lofty premise was to do an updated theme on "Dark Side of the Moon". Like I said, lofty! Having grown up in England in the 1960's/70's/80's/90's and 00's and seeing the country change much for the worse, I wanted to take what was the 1972 England of, "Hanging on in quiet desperation..." to the England I had come to know, which was being stabbed to death for, "Dissing" someone, so it is a scathing indictment on English society as I knew it. It was definitely more progressive in nature than, "Kill H.E.N.R.Y.K!" although it did contain a couple of commercial songs in, "And you and I" and, "Wish You Were Lovely".

I played in Yooj's band, "Point 05" for a while but playing cover versions in front of a big screen T.V while the, "Footy" was on to a bunch of drunks who only wanted to hear, "CHISEL!" was not what I envisaged for my music career in Australia. Yooj continues to front point 05 and has diversified into, "Rock Orchestra" that he put together a few years ago and are now  regulars in the world famous Adelaide Fringe Festival and as the name suggests, they play bigger venues to bigger audiences. He's a great singer and bass player and an absolute pleasure to work with. I just give him a song with my guide vocal on and say, "Now, sing it in tune!" Plagued by my injuries and disillusioned with the live scene, the Project faded into the background somewhat, occasionally writing and releasing the odd track here and there but effectively back to being just a studio project for myself and Yooj, who is a very busy working musician.

After hand surgery in June 2020 left me unable to play and after binge watching the series, "Nashville", I was however able to voice a few chords and wrote some short, catchy, more country/rock/Americana songs, soon to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Whereas in the past I had been forced to quit guitar playing through injury, this time I was chomping at the bit to play again and this spurned me on to go back and look at some songs that were previously recorded and could do with a little bit of love. This also helps keep my frustration at being unable to play right now at bay as I can still mix and play with old stuff. With this in mind, I went into the studio in Dec 2020 with founding member of Unitopia, Sean Timms who worked his considerable studio magic on a song from 2012, "Summerday Sands" and breathed new life into it, which is now being released through all platforms ready for the summer. It's a departure from my normal prog-rock leanings and harks back to the days of Beatles influenced 10cc and early Queen, all jangly guitars, layered vocals and a solo that Brian May hopefully won't sue me for!

Which brings us up to date.

Whilst not being able to play at the moment, it hasn't stopped me writing and going back through songs that were recorded when my hand was good but never released and there's almost two albums worth so, sit down, get yourselves a drink, because new music is coming! 

Speaking of which, I reworked an oldish track, "Summerday Sands" with a lot of help from Unitopia Keyboard wizard and all round good egg, Sean Timms and we then finished a brand new song, "Thirty nine miles of bad road", both of which represent the more commercial side of the band, but that's what I love about Prog, if it ends up with 4 chords and under 4 minutes, that's fine, we should be able to do that as well as the ten minute, "Kitchen sink" tracks, I write what I write and let the chips fall where they may. Currently finished a song I wrote when I was sixteen and never recorded, "Medmenham" and that is definitely more like my usual stuff, classic rock with prog leanings. Anyway, I hope you like the music. because there's more on the way. Next, A new version of, "Wish You Were Lovely".


Jimmy and Yooj

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